Kente weaving in Ghana

Dumba festival

This festival is celebrated  in Wa by the Chiefs and people in of the Wala Paramouncy. The Dumba festival is celebrated  in September or October every year, it serves as an occasion to unite the people of the area, renew their commitment to Islam and commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.Interestingly, the Wa Na is believed to prolong his life if he successfully jumps over a cow.

Kwahu Easter

This festival is celebrated in all the Kwahu communities, it is a festival of the Chiefs and people which comes off every year. Though traditionally a Christian celebration of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, it serves as a homecoming for the Kwahus. It was instituted to renew their commitment to the Christian faith.

Dipo Festival

Dipo is celebrated in April by the people of Manya and Yilo Krobo in the towns of Krobo Odumase and Somanya, about 80 kilometres north of Accra.
The mode of celebration is that, adolescent girls are adorned in beautiful beads and half-clothed. The festival initiates such girls into womanhood


Damba Festival

Damba celebrated by the Mamprusis. The main venue of the celebration is Bawku and its environs. It is held between the months of July and August. Originally linked with Islam to mark the birth of Mohammed, the festival has gradually taken on a traditional rather than Islamic tone. The 2-day festival is full of pageantry and showmanship and is celebrated in the towns of Dagbon, Gonjaland, Mamprusiland and Nanumbaland.