Kente weaving in Ghana

Akomase festival

The Akomase festival  is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Senya Beraku Traditional Areas in Senya Beraku in the Central Region. This festival comes off from the last Friday of August to the first Wednesday of September yearly. It is a agricultural festival which celebrates the bountiful blessings from the gods and ancestors culminating into good yields, the festival signifies the end of the farming season and ushers in the time to harvest fish and farm produce.

The Ahoba festival

The Ahoba festival is celebrated by the people of the Gomoa and Nyaakrom Traditional areas. This festival is always celebrated in the 2nd week of May annually. During the festival the people come together to in remembrance of Asafo Ahor who gave up himself to be sacrificed to stop an epidemic.





Agbeliza Cassava Festival

This festival is celebrated in Avenor by the Chiefs and people of Anlo Traditional Area. A festival of Chiefs and people which comes off in the first week of November, the grand durbar falls on the first Saturday of November every year. The Agbeliza festival celebrates the history of migration to their present location, it also serves as a re-enactment and total affirmation of the rich history of the Anlos

Agbamevorza Kente Festival

This festival is celebrated in the Agborortime area by the Chiefs and people of Agortime Traditional Area in Kpetoe. It is a festival held to celebrate the uniqueness of the Kente cloth and falls in the first week of September yearly. The festival creates marketing avenues for the Kente cloth, unites the citizenry and also reasserts the self-esteem of the people  as the originators of the Kente cloth