Kente weaving in Ghana


All Traditional areas in Ghana are identified with special festivals, which make the people very distinct from other ethnic groups. The Asafotufiami Festival of the people of Ada Traditional area in the Dangme East District is a rich cultural heritage celebrated annually in the first week of August.

The festival is a remembrance of the achievements in the wars for settlement fought by our ancestors, hence the name “ASAFOTUFIAMI”. “ASAFOTU”, as the name implies, is company firing of musketry.

According to tradition, the celebration starts from Thursday in the first week of every August with the arrival of guests from other places to the town with house cleaning ceremony and poring of libation at the respective shrines of the various families and keeping of vigil.

At dawn of Friday, as part of the schedule for the celebration, the two companies (Asafo) beat their respective drums to summon their members for the onward march to LUHUESE (a suburb of Ada) on the outskirt of Big Ada where they are camped and according to ancient custom, all young men who attain the age of puberty will then be initiated into their respective Asafo companies by being taught how to handle, load a gun and fire some for the first time.



Apour Festival

The Apour festival is celebrated in Nwoase and Nsawkwa by the Chiefs and people of Nwoase and Wenchi Traditional Areas, this festival of Chiefs and people comes off in either May or June at Nsawkaw, November or December at Nwoase and April, May or June at Wenchi. This festival unifies the people and helps them to eschew indecent lifestyles and evil, the festival also commemorates the rejection of the peoples’ former ways.



Alluelie Festival

This festival is celebrated in Sefwi Bekwai and Sefwi Wiawso.  This festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of  Sefwi Bekwai and Sefwi Wiawso , it is held in November or December every year, the festival brings together people to plan the development of the people and sews bonds of friendship and unity.


Akwasidae Tuntum Festival

This Akwasidae Tuntuml is celebrated in Kukuom by the Chiefs and people of the Kukuom traditional areas, It comes off on the 9th and final Akwasidae on the Akan Calender in December or January. The festival is held to re-affirm the people's commitment to the chief and also to commemorate the sad events of the Ebirimoro war between the Sefwis and Ahafos in the 18th century.