Fire Dance in Togo

Gbagba-Za in Agou

It is cultural and religious harvest festival of Ewe from Agou. Goddess Gbagba is the main divinity around whom others rotate. The Gbagba festival boosts the harvest and consummation of the new crops of yams. It is celebrated every first Saturday of August in the Chief town of the District.

Evala in Kara

Evala (Initiation festival in Kabyé region). Evala is the Festival of wrestling in Kabye land. This ceremony of ritual initiation is practiced from house to house and individually from the month of January allowing therefore the youngsters of 18 years of age to access the adulthood. The festival is lasts for a week. The final ceremonies is held between 11th - 14th of July, and coincide with the 2 nd Saturday of that month every year.

Gadao-Adossa in Sokodé

Gadao-Adossa ( festival of cutlasses)
The expression Gadao-Adossa is a common saying to identify two major festivals of the Tem, that is Gadao and Adossa for the Didaoure community, who are Muslims in majority. The Gadao is celebrated in order to give thanks to the ancestors for the prevalence of crops. Adossa is the dance with cutlasses performed by the Traore, Toure, Cisse and Fofana clans, all inhabitants of Didaouré. It is celebrated in the third month of the Islamic calendar.

Habye in Kara

Habye is a religious festival of the  Kabyé from the Kozah region. It is a dance of magic powers demonstration. It is held every five years in the month of November