Fire Dance in Togo

Ovazu in Badou

Ovazu (Festival of Harvest in Akposso and Akebou Land) " OVAZU" is composed of the Akposso words: " Ova" (corn) and " Zu" (festival). According to lhistory, corn played a significant role in the battles against the enemies of the Akposso people. Ovazu is celebrated annually, every 2nd Saturday of December alternatively in Amlamé and Badou.

Dzawuwu-za in Klouto

Dzawuwu-za is a harvest festival of Ewé in Kloto region. During this festival, food is prepared with the first fruits of the crops (especially corn, cassava, yam) and offered to the God and Spirit of the ancestors. It is celebrated each year 1st Saturday of the month d' August with Kpalimé.


Tingban Pab of Dapaong

This is a traditional harvest festival of the Moba in the Grand Tône region celebrated after a great harvest on the second Saturday December annually. It is an occasion of thanksgiving to the gods and spirits for good harvest. It is rotates amongst the main towns of the District.

Agbogbo-Za in Notsé

Historical festival of the Ewe to celebrate the exodus of the Ewe people in XVII AD. It is the largest traditional festival of the Ewes in Togo.  Rituals start on the first Thursday of September in Notse with the climax on the first Saturday of the same month.