Fire Dance in Togo

Kamaka in Kara

Kamaka is the Festival of Harvest of the Tem of Assoli. 'Kamaka' means hammock, that serves to carry honourable men, the best farmer of the year, the one who has also helped the poor people with the fruits of his hands throughout the year. The ceremonies are held the 2 nd Saturday of December every year in Baffilo.

Sintou-Djandjaagou in Niamtougou

It is the harvest festival of  Nawdéba and Lamba from Doufelgou region climaxed with dance and games. This dance is performed to thank Gods for providing better harvest. It is held in Niamtougou on the 1st Saturday of the month of April by the people of Doufelgou District.

Sinkaring in Kara

Sinkaring (initiation and harvest ceremony of the kabyés in the Binah region). Sinkaring which has its origins from Lama-Tessi is a combination of the words "Sankuu" which wants to say to wash the hands, to purify and "Karuu" which means being ready to face the tests of the life.

Celebrations include a test of integration into adulthood, whereby the youth of kabyé of Binah are subjected to endure and to defend themselves and to save their communities from of enemies. It is also a harvest festival marked by music and dance and tasting of beans, local drink and fruits of a new harvests.It is celebrated every year on the 1st Saturday December

Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam in Kéran region

Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam Festival of harvest and of initiative in Kéran region. Is a celebration of the people of Keran, where they pay homage to the gods and spirits of the ancestors for the better harvest. It is celebrated on 2nd Saturday of February every year.