Welcome to Blastours

BlasTours is a Ghanaian-owned destination management company established to meet the needs of business and leisure travelerNorthern Dancerss to and within Ghana Togo and Benin.

Founded in 2003, we’ve grown to be one of the leading tour operators in Ghana.  BlasTours is licensed by the Ghana Tourism Authority to provide international travel services and is also registered with the Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA).

Discovering Ghana

Welcome to the Land of Sunshine, also reffered to as an 'Island of Peace'. Ghana is one of the thriving democracies in Africa, inhabited by the world's friendliest people.

Ghana, the gateway to Africa is situated right in the heart of West Africa . Its borders extend from the Gulf of Guinea covering a distance of about 672km from the south to the north, and about 540 km from the east to the west.

Discovering Benin

door of no returnBenin is situated in West Africa on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It is bordered in the north by Niger and Burkina Faso, in the east by Nigeria, in the west by Togo, and in the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Benin is one of the more stable countries in Africa and occupies a narrow strip of land that stretches approximately 110,000 square kilometers (42,000 sq mi), from the Bight of Benin to the Niger River with a population of approximately 9.05 million.

Discovering Togo

kara Togo, officially referred to as the Togolese Republic, is situated on the west coast of Africa.  It has land boundaries with Burkina Faso to the north, Benin to the east, Ghana to the west, and the south is bordered with the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean).

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